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Youtube Strategic Defense Initiative

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What is this?

This is an initiative to back up the very best videos from Youtube in an organized manner in case disaster strikes.

Their entire database is far too large for any direct dump (about 660 petabytes by 2011), but we can save the most vulnerable videos, and upload them to the Internet Archive.

Use Youtube-dl to download any YouTube, or even Vimeo videos with all metadata.



Series Type Saved yet? Downloadable? Playlist link
Team ROOMBA Channel Archived yes link
Team Avolition Channel Older videos archived. Since some older videos got removed due to music, we should see what's missing. yes link
Fourteam Channel Archived yes link

Let's Play (LP) Game Playthroughs

This is a subset of the Let's Play (LP) Archive.

Series Type Saved yet? By who? Downloadable? Playlist link
penguinz0 Channel Not Archived yes link

Internet Shows / Comic Dubs

Series Type & Link Saved yet? By who? Downloadable? Playlist link
Ashens Channel Not Archived yes link
Gman Squad Machinima Archived 9 + 2 link
ForeverPandering Channel Restored! Should be archived unknown link
WKUK Channel Not Archived unknown


Series Type & Link Saved yet? By who? # of Videos Playlist link
Buffalax Channel All archived ??? Internet Archive
  • Gaming Out Loud - An amazing podcast series that went viral on Digg. Not a YouTube video, but we will upload it for future generations to listen to.

Individual Videos

Bibliotheca Anonoma

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