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Rape Kopipe

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Definition of Rape

LIPMAN IS wrong when she defends the use of the verb "to pimp" as a minor infraction. That the word is evolving to mean, say, to use someone for one's own gain or benefit (or to decorate garishly), leaves us with a linguistic problem: What are we going to call the man who is still using violence to force a woman to be a prostitute for his financial benefit?

Using the word in casual conversation implies that pimping someone out has become a casual event. This is part of a larger change in the language that involves casually using words with negative connotations about women. Don Imus calling basketball players "hos" erases the distinction between women who sell sex and all women. I frequently correct my high school students who say, when they win a basketball game by a large margin, that they "raped" the other team, because they diminish the horrible nature of rape into a sports competition with a winner and a loser. These changes reflect anti-women sentiments that may be growing among younger men – or at least that are being expressed casually and unthinkingly. They're not minor changes.

Jewish Anal Rape of Doom

One day when I was 7 I was walking home from school, being all aryan and white, when all of a sudden an evil jew jumped out of
the bushes.
"Torah! Torah!", he shouted in hebrew, all jewish and shit. Then he grabbed me with his evil jew hands and dragged me through the
bushes and laid me down onto the grass beneath him. I struggled with all my aryan might, but his strong, hairy, manly arms
held me firm to the ground.
"Today I will have you recieve the old testament.", he told me, unnzipping his jew-pants. I marvelled before his testament. I had
never seen such a thick and immense testament before.
"Suck it!", he ordered me, forcing it deep into my defenseless aryan throat. "Torah! Torah!" I gasped for air as the hairy man had
his way with me, plunging the shaft of his testament even deeper into my innocent throat, and I could do nothing but serve him.
"I see you like the shaft of my testament deep inside of you. Now lets see how you like it up your pinky white bum!"
"Oh, no, mr jew!", I cried out. "Not my tender white aryan bum!"
...but this jew knew no mercy as he turned me around, and soon he plowed into me, filling me up in ways I could never even have
imagined. I completely lost my breath as he pounded my soft like aryan ass with his thick and hard man-shaft. I found myself
groaning for every breath as his strokes reached deep inside of me, filling me with a sensation so overwhelming that I could
hardly think.
"Do you enjoy having your innocent aryan ass being ravaged by my hard jew cock?", my jew smirked evilishly. I could hardly reply,
gasping for air with his every thrust.
Then his panting increased too, until he penetrated me like never before, burying his the full length of his hot testament deep
inside of me. He gripped me firmly and I could feel the shaft of it pumping still, filling my soft, tight ass with his
jewishness. It was nothing I could do but climax myself, my body responding to his. I wished it would never stop. I had finally
found my master race.

Rape, no such thing

right There is no such thing as rape. Any female who leaves her rightful place in the house and the kitchen is fucking begging for cock in her holes. If she gets the cock she so badly is asking for, it's not fucking rape, it's a damn slut getting what she fucking deserves.

Males still rule this fucking world. In most of the world, a fucking bitch can get killed for looking at a man straight in the eye. In America and Europe, every day dumb sluts get their holes penetrated without their so-called consent, which isn't rape, just them getting the fucking dick they deserve up their asses.

Sexual abuse is on the rise, spousal abuse is on the rise and more bitches die every year. Fucking cunts. I am so glad I was born a man. I am so glad there is a bunch of retarded sluts jumping trough hoops just to get my cock.

Haha, females are so fucking sad. We treat you bitches like shit, and you still spend time, money and effort on trying to look good for us. Way to be a good slave, whores. Now keep acting like sluts and sucking our cocks. And if you change your mind after you leave the house, too fucking bad, you're getting your holes fucked and there isn't shit you can do about it because that's your only fucking purpose in life.


right Okay, I am fucking sick and fucking tired of these fucking threads about rape! RAPE IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY! Joke about anything else you want, /b/...

Joke about cp, joke about loli, joke about murder, joke about drugs, but DON'T FUCKING JOKE ABOUT RAPE! Rape DESTROYS a woman, it STRIPS HER OF HER HUMANITY! It is disgusting, inhumane, regressive and insane. RAPE IS OFF THE FUCKING TABLE, /b/, NOT EVEN YOU FUCKING VIRGIN ASSHOLES CAN BE SUCH FUCKHOLES THAT YOU JOKE ABOUT A WOMAN'S WOMANHOOD BEING VIOLATED!

And no, I am not some lesbian dyke cunt, I am a woman, I was raped. My virginity was taken from me, I can never give it to a man I love. I was raped again and again and again and again and again by a random stranger when I was 15, I wanted to fucking kill my fucking self. IS THAT FUCKING FUNNY? FUCK NO YOU FUCKHOLES!

Go back to making Fresh Prince threads, /b/, you fucking aardvarks

Raping By Candlejack

Dear /b/,

This is a true story and one that was been haunting me for quite sometime.

When I was nine years old my babysitter raped me. My parents would often go out for dinners and parties on the weekdays when I was a kid and they would always ask our next-door neighbor, Jack, to watch me when they were out. Jack and I had a lot of fun together he was a really good guy, he was on the football team, and honors roll. But one day we were playing hide and go seek and I decided to hide in the basement.

I ran downstairs to out basement that doubled as a study and a library. There was one desk in the middle of the room, which my mother always liked to keep candles on to read by. I dove under the desk giggling to myself thinking jack would never find me. Jack took awhile to come down stairs and when he finally did I fell silent and held my breath as he began to search the basement. When he finally looked under the desk I realized that he was not wearing any clothing.

He found me and looked at me with the most suggestive eyes I’d ever seen. I was too scared to scream but at the same time comforted by them. Jack then ripped me out from under the desk and through me on top of it. He started tearing away at my clothing trying to get to my naked body. I wanted him to stop and in an effort to get him off of me I hit him with a candle. Jack was determined to have me though and continu

Room mate

Hai /b/

I have a problem.

I live with a girl. We live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. I kind of like her and she kind of likes me back, there is def. something going on between us. Well, about 2 weeks ago, I couldn't help myself, so i went into her bedroom and masturbated over her sleeping body (she sleeps in this kinky teddy..HAWT) Well, I started doing it every night, then last night, I went into her room like usual and started masturbating only to find out that she was awake! I almost ran out of the room and but she stopped me and said that she knew I had been doing it for the past week! I was really embarassed. I couldn't say anything, until she asked "so are you gonna fucking me instead of FAPPIN' off to me?" I couldn't believe it! I went over and got in bed with her and we fucked most of the night! The next morning, I was awoken by her screaming. She didn't know why I was in her bed. On top of that she thinks I raped her in her sleep! Now she's crying and threatening to call the cops on me!

/b/, my old and trusted friend, what should I do???

Willy Wonka and the Rape Factory

"No. Not tonight," Charlie cried as he buried his tears in his pillow.

"Oh yes, tonight. Tonight, just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and a hundred nights stretching before that ending at the day you came to live with me. Tonight, just like tomorrow." And with that, Willy Wonka removed his pants with a smirk. Usually, Charlie's parents and grandparents had been forced to watch, but Willy had killed them all and used their remains as seasoning for a new type of candy, Scrumdidllyumptious Green Soylet Surprise. Tonight would be Charlie's first night alone.

"Please, Mr. Wonka, please don't!" Charlie gave out one last sob of beligerrence, but the Candyman tore off the young boy's trousers with no senses of regret. "Let's see, what do we have hear today? Is there a treat for me? I most certainly hope there is," said Mr.Wonka as we delved his thumb and two fingers into Charlie's anus. Forcing them in until they were at the knuckle, Willy moved his hand around, as if he was searching for something. Then, his hand stopped, suddenly.

"EUREKA! I found it!" Removing his fingers, Charlie saw that firmly clutched in Mr. Wonka's hand was an everlasting gobstopper that Wonka had placed in there last night. Taking a lick, Mr. Wonka declared "It tastes just as delicious as the day I made it, although I don't know how I got so much corn on the shell formula." Wonka said the last line with a wink at Charlie, as if he expected him to laugh.

"Oh well, time for business." And with that, Willy Wonka dropped the gobstopper to his side and began to slide his PENIS into Charlie's now-loose asshole. Charlie let out a small tear and he began to grunt with every thrust. He must escape this madness. He must kill Willy Wonka.

But there were no knives in his home, in his prison. There were no guns or swords or matches, or anything. Everything that was needed was done for you by an oompa-loompa.

"Charlie, in a few minutes I'm going to place this in your mouth. I think you should like it, it's flavored with an exlusive mix of Charlie Bucket chocolate. Thanks for not wiping, baby."

Charlie had given himself poor anal hygeiene in an attempt to scare Wonka away, but Willy ignored it and fucked him all the same, except now with more facials.

Charlie desperatly wanted out of this hell, and by now he was willing to go through any plan he could in order to escape. And that's when he saw it. Next to Wonka's shaking knees was a gobstopper. Charlie moved his hands back as if to play with Willy, but as soon as he was close enough, he grabbed the gobstopper and swallowed it hole. The taste was revolting, but he had grown used to the taste and smell of his own anal production, so it passed into his throat with no problem. And in his throat is where it lodged.

By the time Willy Wonka had figured out Charlie was dead, he had already came in the young child's asshole, wondering why the child did not let loose a barage of tears telling him to pull out.

Placing his PENIS in Charlie's mouth, he noticed the boy's flesh to be unusually cold and his tongue to be unresponsive. Fucking him orally anyway, Willy Wonka knew exactly what to do with his apprentice.

He called out to the worker oompa-loompas and told them to take care of the body as they pleased, to which the oompa loompas chuckled and exchanged mischevious smiles. At once, he signaled for the Chief Loompa. Making motions, Wonka spoke to him.

"Another one has died."

"So, what should I do, sir?"

"Distribute the memory eraser chocolate, again,"

"And then, boss?"

"Tell the world that my factory is opening it's doors to the public after 15 years of life as a hermit. And make sure only boys find the gold this time."

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