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It's Lonely Being the Master Race

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On July 6th, 2014, a thread was posted on 4chan's /v/ that proposed a comic idea: Imagine, "PC", the timeless immortal, doomed to watch his consoles... his progeny... rise and fall with the passage of time.

This thread was rediscovered by a Tumblr user who (mistakenly) believed that PlanetOfJunk (an artist known for drawing Xbone-tan) drew the legendary SNES-tan OC.

From that point on... artists from around the internet worked to make that comic idea a reality. And the depiction of the PC as an anonymous strongman became ingrained in /v/'s imagination.


My computer is like The Ship of Theseus. I change out components as they break or become obsolete, and I have changed cases a couple of times to keep up with current fashions and changes to motherboard layouts. But, essentially, it is the same computer I have always had since I got my first 486.

>PC having PTSD about other consoles, felling directly responsible for their deaths
>covers it up by obsessively upgrading his body and playing train simulators

In the pictures we see consoles in all stages of life, from young to old. PC is their parent, since essentially, all game consoles use a computer chip. PC guides them through the walks of life, teaching them the ways of gaming wisdom (though they never attain his divine nirvana).
And he creates new children to teach... for he outlives all of his students.

From the PC they come, to the PC they return.
We are the enlightened few who have seen the light of truth shimmering behind the console curtain, and so have been rewarded.
And yet, there is a sadness to immortality. An eerie cloud that looms before us, always knowing the fate of each console that spawns from our forest. We give them birth, and so we curse them with death.


Before the comic idea was pitched, there were already established personas for PC-tan and the other modern game consoles.


Why are they discontinuing daddy? He has so many games to play.


Thanks to it's ever increasing graphical muscle, the PC is famous for it's ability to emulate classic game consoles. Unfortunately, emulation... isn't always perfect.

Someone in a darker mood might try PC-tan being his unemotional self and choosing not to go to a console-tan's funeral because he can emulate them now, completely failing to understand why them disappearing is bad when he can still play their games.
Or PC-tan being a badass and pulling double duty for his fallen family while everyone else finds their feet, and the reason he's so insensitive is he works himself so hard to support his huge library of games and orphaned titles that it's consumed everything that isn't working as efficiently as possible to keep things afloat.

Always Online Until They're Not

> pc-tan always being there with the consoles of old
> growing with them, but he always outlives them
> they live on forever in pc-tan's memory
> his memory of them is much better than they actually were, filters are his rose-tinted goggles

> he tries his hardest to remember, but he has difficulty remembering them as time passes
> the newer faces he can hardly remember or recreate at all, from n64 onward

> today, because all of the systems are always online, when they die, they are gone forever


> the end of videogames
> PC is an old man
> stronger than ever, but still a relic of previous time
> the last videogame stops being made
> he closes his eyes for the last time
> opens them
> he's in a bright open field
> people are coming towards him
> it's all the consoles he left behind
> he smiles
> "we missed you, PC-tan"


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